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Manuals archive

Please note only the factory Megatouch© manuals are provided. These are the manual files that were previously provided for public download on the Merit Megatouch© support website before Merit closed. These manauls are provided as a convenience for owners of the abandoned and unsupported Megatouch© systems. These manuals are provided AS IS with absolutely no warranties expressed or implied. Use strictly at your own risk.

512MB_Upgrade_Kit.pdf390541 bytes
90003010_Maxx_TSM_Rev_C.pdf2234359 bytes
90003011_Rev_D_Force_TSM.pdf8011071 bytes
90003025_Ion_TSM.pdf47581773 bytes
Blue_Maxx_pm0220-03.pdf562090 bytes
MAXX_Elite.pdf1721450 bytes
MAXX_Elite_with_coin.pdf1750094 bytes
MAXX_Select.pdf1389867 bytes
ML1_Manual.pdf1386463 bytes
Megatouch4_manual_pm0070-0A.pdf313178 bytes
Megatouch_Home_Manual.pdf735507 bytes
Megatouch_XL_Super_5000_manual.pdf990141 bytes
Megatouch_XL_Technical_Service_Manual.pdf31240240 bytes
Megatouch_XL_pm0109-0D.pdf729897 bytes
PM0220-08.pdf454452 bytes
PM0245-08.pdf267764 bytes
PM0245-11.pdf237437 bytes
PM0310-05.pdf269895 bytes
PM0331-05.pdf2221692 bytes
PM0337-01_Rev_C.pdf892658 bytes
PM0352-10_Vibe_manual (1).pdf1655035 bytes
PM0352-10_Vibe_manual.pdf1655035 bytes
PM0355-25.pdf2766323 bytes
PM0370-04.pdf752410 bytes
PM0379-08_FORCE_Classic_manual.pdf857388 bytes
PM0380-09.pdf2007572 bytes
PM0381-14.pdf1898878 bytes
PM0381-15.pdf1822784 bytes
PM0382-07_FORCE_Upright_manual.pdf770596 bytes
PM0383-07_FORCE_Upright_manual.pdf738249 bytes
PM0391-27.pdf2067435 bytes
PM0395-06.pdf1213365 bytes
PM0426-15.pdf1739732 bytes
PM0426-26_Rev_A.pdf1159374 bytes
PM0431-07.pdf613958 bytes
PM0434-21.pdf1792840 bytes
PM0441-03.pdf678839 bytes
PM0450-03.pdf459538 bytes
PM0450-04.pdf1030803 bytes
PM0463-25_Rev_A.pdf1221179 bytes
PM0480-10.pdf1777060 bytes
PM0481-06.pdf1265087 bytes
PM0484-30_Rev_A.pdf1137534 bytes
PM0490-04.pdf1031827 bytes
PM0502-16.pdf630353 bytes
PM0506-01_PM0507-01.pdf380373 bytes
PM0513-16.pdf685907 bytes
PM0550-08.pdf2098115 bytes
PM0590-24.pdf2730453 bytes
PM0636-14.pdf3629997 bytes
PM0672-03.pdf390541 bytes
PM0673-09.pdf4230373 bytes
PM0680-01.pdf827324 bytes
PM0721-09.pdf3837484 bytes
PM0773-01.pdf823447 bytes
Titanium2_PM0350-01.pdf1231800 bytes
Titanium2_PM0350-02.pdf7840160 bytes
m5_manual.pdf250740 bytes
m6.pdf243114 bytes
m7.pdf64520 bytes
megatouch-force-technical-service-manual.pdf8011071 bytes
megatouch2.pdf165781 bytes
megatouch3.pdf222019 bytes
pm0150_Megatouch_XL5000.pdf615860 bytes
slim_maxx_PM0240-01.pdf1166358 bytes
super4.pdf293944 bytes
tech_2011.pdf182739 bytes
tech_2013.pdf340278 bytes
tech_classic.pdf239484 bytes

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