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Software archive

Please note only the factory Megatouch© images are provided. These are the images that were previously provided for public download on the Merit Megatouch© support website before Merit closed. We do not provide hacked images.
These images are provided as a convenience for owners of the abandoned and unsupported Megatouch© systems. These images are provided AS IS with absolutely no warranties expressed or implied. Use strictly at your own risk.

2k plus update 1 of 1 v5.0_klov_spank.iso317845504 bytes
Force 2005.5 Disk 1 of 4 V15_10T050614_1709_1of4.iso519944192 bytes
Force 2005.5 Disk 2 of 4 V15_10T050614_1709_2of4.iso461160448 bytes
Force 2005.5 Disk 3 of 4 V15_10T050614_1709_3of4.iso461148160 bytes
Force 2005.5 Disk 4 of 4 V15_10T050614_1709_4of4.iso563517440 bytes
Force 2006.5 V21_51T070522_1743_1OF1.iso4477386752 bytes
Force 2007.5 V23_00T070420_1642_1OF2.iso3356164096 bytes
Force 2008.5 Disc 1 V25_00T080320_1114_1OF2.iso bytes
Force 2009.5 V29_11T081203_0708_1OF1.iso3296952320 bytes
Force 2010.5 Disk 1 of 1 V28_20T100329_1757_1OF1.iso3528327168 bytes
Force 2011 Disk 1 of 1 V28_40T101109_1217_1OF2.iso3696656384 bytes
Force_2004_disc1.iso464490496 bytes
Force_2004_disc2.iso464551936 bytes
Force_2004_disc3.iso461340672 bytes
ION 2008.5 Disc 1 V25_00T080320_1114_1OF2.iso bytes
ION 2008.5 Disc 2 V25_00T080320_1114_2OF2.iso2902130688 bytes
ION 2009 (disc 1 of 2)_V30_23T090216_1459_1OF2.iso3186374656 bytes
ION 2009.5 Update Disc 1of2_V31_02T090616_1433_1of2.iso3185844224 bytes
ION 2009.5 Update Disc 2of2_V31_02T090616_1433_2of2.iso3962683392 bytes
ION 2010.5 Disk 1 of 2 V33_00T100329_1756_1OF2.iso3231279104 bytes
ION 2010.5 Disk 2 of 2 V33_00T100329_1756_2OF2.iso3027034112 bytes
ION 2011 Disk 1 of 2 V34_10T101103_1211_1OF2.iso3093035008 bytes
ION 2011 Disk 2 of 2 V34_10T101103_1211_2OF2.iso3243145216 bytes
ION 2011.5 Disk 1 of 2_V35.00T110331_1332_1OF2.iso3093764096 bytes
ION 2011.5 Disk 2 of 2_V35.00T110331_1332_2OF2.iso3319377920 bytes
ION 2012 Disk 1 of 2_V36_10T111110_0000_1OF2.iso2912585728 bytes
ION 2012 Disk 2 of 2_V36_10T111110_0000_2OF2.iso4502974464 bytes
ION 2013 Disc 1 of 2_V38_01T120831_0847_1OF2.iso3595468800 bytes
ION 2013 Disc 2 of 2_V38_01T120831_0847_2OF2.iso4241227776 bytes
ION 2014 Disc 1 or 2 V40_02T130830_1115_1OF2.iso3644127232 bytes
ION 2014 Disc 2 of 2 V40_02T130830_1115_2OF2.iso4259674112 bytes
MegaTouch XL 6000 121227_1616.iso467236864 bytes
Megatouch MAXX2KUPGRD_V4_2of2.iso669986816 bytes
Megatouch MAXX2KUPGRD_V4__1of2 fixed_by_klov_spank.iso666290176 bytes
Megatouch Maxx Crown 1 of 3.iso543918080 bytes
Megatouch Maxx Crown 2 of 3.iso409966592 bytes
Megatouch Maxx Crown 3 of 3.iso281442304 bytes
Megatouch Maxx Double_Diamond(Diamond 2)Disc 1.iso579934208 bytes
Megatouch Maxx Double_Diamond(Diamond 2)Disc 2.iso567918592 bytes
Megatouch Maxx Emerald_RevF_PA0033_01_Disc1.iso612679680 bytes
Megatouch Maxx Emerald_RevF_PA0033_02_Disc2.iso599732224 bytes
Megatouch Maxx Jade 2 disc 1 of 4.iso519804928 bytes
Megatouch Maxx Jade 2 disc 2 of 4.iso460859392 bytes
Megatouch Maxx Jade 2 disc 3 of 4.iso460847104 bytes
Megatouch Maxx Jade 2 disc 4 of 4.iso563548160 bytes
Megatouch XL 5000.iso634380288 bytes
Megatouch XL Extreme.iso641816576 bytes
Megatouch XL Super 5000.iso625229824 bytes
V21_51T070522_1743_1OF1.iso4477386752 bytes
V23.50.iso65142784 bytes
V23_00T070420_1642_1OF2.iso3356164096 bytes
V23_00T070420_1642_2OF2.iso2666430464 bytes
V24_04T070917_1718_1OF2.iso3576201216 bytes
V24_04T070917_1718_2OF2.iso2893938688 bytes
V25_00T080320_1114_2OF2.iso2902130688 bytes
V27_03T090811_1443_1OF1.iso3296952320 bytes
V27_04T090805_1537_1OF1.iso3299606528 bytes
V28_10T091204_0300_1OF2.iso3465707520 bytes
V28_10T091204_0300_2OF2.iso15368192 bytes
V28_20T100329_1757_1OF1.iso3528327168 bytes
V28_40T101109_1217_1OF2.iso3696656384 bytes
V29_11T081203_0708_1OF1.iso3555491840 bytes
V30_23T090216_1459_2OF2.iso3563780096 bytes
V32_03T090928_1617_1OF2.iso3177701376 bytes
V32_03T090928_1617_2OF2.iso2918551552 bytes
V32_11T091207_1021_1OF2.iso3170994176 bytes
V32_11T091207_1021_2OF2.iso3019653120 bytes
V36_01T110826_1325_1OF2.iso2911913984 bytes
V36_01T110826_1325_2OF2.iso4518012928 bytes
V40_02T130830_1115_1OF2.iso3644127232 bytes
V40_02T130830_1115_2OF2.iso4259674112 bytes
not_isos4096 bytes
old_or_bad_do_not_use4096 bytes
touchscreen_controller_update_440.zip206156 bytes
vips40.iso371982336 bytes

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