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Research is expensive

We provide the information for bypassing the key for free. Research is expensive though, basically the time spent researching is overtime hours I do not get to work for pay. So if you like the work and want to say "thanks" feel free to make a small donation (or a large) to help cover the time I spent. It may help encourage me to make hacks to other versions of the software, though no promises :)

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April 11 2022

Today I have just posted the missing Key of Death bypass, instructions for force 2008. Now all the years (except the first year 2002) have bypasses. HUGE HUGE HUGE thanks to Nicholas Navaroli, who took the initial Force 2011 modifications and backport them all to the previous versions figuring out the needed changes, testing and writing up the documentation.

April 8 2022

Someone has informed me that the Force 2007 hacks work EXACTLY the same for ION 2007. It is likely that the other years that used the same install media for Force and ION work the same, however other years have not been confirmed. If anyone tries doing the Force hacks for the respective ION years and they work please let me know so I can update the list of "known good" hack versions.

September 2020

A Bug found with Key of Death hack and "Tri Towers game"
A bug has been discovered with the tri-towers game and the key of death hack, apparently tri towers will sometimes verify the security key separately from the rest of the game causing it to crash with a "Security Key" mismatch. The bug has been found and a patch is on it's way.

August 2020

The Ion key of death bypass has been created and hopefully will be released in some form soon.

Megatouch© Force 2011 "Key of Death" Bypass and Reverse Engineering Information

The Megatouch© series of games use a special security key. In most recent versions a Maxim/Dallas DS1996L-F5 series key. This key provides Without this key the system WILL NOT boot. Unfortunately these keys are battery backed with an estimated lifespan of 10 years. When these batteries wear out the the key will go bad and the system will cease to function. Some people have already experienced "Key Death" rendering their systems useless. Since AMI entertainment has shutdown support of the Megatouch© product line, once these keys have failed there is no way to get a replacement from Merit, and a users validly purchased system will find their system has become in-operable.

US Law provides an exception to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act issued in 2010, which among other things allows for reverse engineering and modification of

"Computer programs protected by dongles that prevent access due to malfunction or damage and which are obsolete. A dongle shall be considered obsolete if it is no longer manufactured or if a replacement or repair is no longer reasonably available in the commercial marketplace."

We have contacted AMI and requested replacement parts to fix the Force 2011 IO board/security dongle and have been told that those systems and parts are no longer supported (see correspondence below), Therefore under this exception we have reverse engineered various Megatouch Force and Ion© systems software and have documented and created patches for these systems that allow a owner of real Megatouch© hardware to bypass the need for the security key. Since the ION 2014 keys are still available we will NOT provide bypass information on those systems.

Megatouch© Force 2010.5 "Key of Death" Bypass Instructions

Megatouch© Force 2009.5 "Key of Death" Bypass Instructions

Megatouch© Force 2008.5 "Key of Death" Bypass Instructions

Megatouch© Force 2007 "Key of Death" Bypass Instructions

Megatouch© Force 2006 "Key of Death" Bypass Instructions

Megatouch© Force 2005 "Key of Death" Bypass Instructions

Megatouch© Force 2004 "Key of Death" Bypass Instructions

Megatouch© Force 2003 "Key of Death" Bypass Instructions

My key is already dead, what can I do?

If you have a valid Megatouch Force 2011 Key that has already experienced battery death, you can still revive your machine. Due to popular demand we now offer a service for $125 were we will install the software on an SSD hard drive, extract the encrypted key data on the hard drive, and patch the software to read it off the hard drive rather than the key. You WILL still need a key with the correct serial number inserted into the system, however the serial number will persist even after battery death. Contact us for more information. We will also perform this service if you have a valid Force 2011 key that has not YET expired. You do need to send us the key for us to verify and perform the modification and test it before shipping back to you.

Message to AMI Support, sent in January 2017
From: Brian <last name removed>

Message Body: Hello I am looking to find out how I can obtain replacement parts for Merit Megatouch Force 2011 specifically the IOboard module as well as the ION 2014 software "kit" as I have a bad key. Can you provide me details on how to obtain replacement parts or part repair?

thanks you in advance

Contact Info:
<contact info removed>
This e-mail was sent from a contact form on AMI Entertainment (https://www.amientertainment.com/)

Response from AMI support received Jan 27, 2017

GM Brian,

We no longer support Megatouch force games. You might want to try Suzo-Happ @ 847-593-6130.

As for the 2014 software for the ION part number KUV-110-298-01 we still have them in stock your cost is 436.25. If you believe it just your key you can send it in for reprogramming your cost 50.00.

Send to:
AMI Entertainment
1207 Beta court
Rockwall TX 75087

Include a note with your name and return address and your phone number.

Your can order the kit on our online web store at parts.amientertainment.net

Thanks <name removed>
<email removed>@amientertainment.com
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FAX <fax removed>

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