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Force 2011 Key Information

The key on the Megatouch Force 2011 holds 1024 bytes of data. It holds configuration data and must be encrypted properly with a symmetric key that is generated from the Dallas key's serial number. This data is XOR encrypted in blocks of 6 bytes. The encryption key is 6 bytes. It is an XOR of 6 bytes of the serial number with 6 bytes of "magic data" (4e 56 49 36 3d 39). To determine the encryption key used for any Dallas Key, perform the following steps.

Step NumberDescriptionExample
1Write the key serial numberE0 00 40 00 00 10 00 8C
2Remove the first and last byte00 40 00 00 10 00
3Write down the magic number 4e 56 49 36 3d 39
4XOR the values from step 2 and 34e 16 49 36 2d 39
The results of the XOR in step 4 are your encryption key4e 16 49 36 2d 39

Encrypting/decrypting the data

The plain text configuration data is encrypted via XOR in 6 byte blocks with the key generated in the step above. The one exception is that bytes 18-21 should be encrypted separately and the with only the first 4 bytes of the key.

You will know if you decrypted the key correctly if you see the following ASCII strings in the decrypted key data at some point (assuming a US region key)


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